How to Download Music

Save YouTube Videos

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Have you ever watched a youtube video and wished you could save it to your computer to watch when you don't have access to the internet, or to edit / remix the video?  Have you ever wanted to save your favorite songs and music from YouTube as audio mp3 files to your computer?   Well you have come to the right place.  Please read below for free instructions on how to save YouTube videos as mp3 or video file to your computer.

Step 1. Go to and search for the song or video you would like to save.

Step 2. Copy the URL of the video

Step 3. Go to

Step 4. Paste the URL that you copied into the Video URL box and click "Video" if you would like to save as a video file or "mp3" if you would like to save as an mp3 file.

Step 5.   Please note that during this process something will most likely pop up asking if you would like to run program to continue.  Click "run this time" (may be called something else on your browser) to continue. (this site is safe)

Step 6. Select the mp3 or video quality to begin downloading the video or music song as an audio mp3 file.

Step 7.  Wait for the song or music video to finish  downloading and locate where you saved it on your computer so you can open it,

Step 8.  That's it, you have now saved a youtube video into an audio mp3 file or FLV for mp4 flash video.  You can now transfer the mp3 file to your ipod/mp3 player or open edit video without internet access or being on youtube.